The website is still under construction


Below is the quick FAQ
I want to buy knowledgebase articles. Can I see the examples?
Yes, you can see the full list here.

Which cPanel themes are supported?
Only the latest “Paper Lantern” theme is supported. If you need the older one, please, contact us.

When purchasing your knowledgebase do I get lifetime updates?
No, you get the articles as is. Future updates will be subject of an additional cost.

What will be the update price?
Not sure yet, but not much.

Will you guide me on how to add the articles to my WHMCS/Blesta?
We will send you a step by step instructions. If you want us to add them for you, there is a fee of $10.

How the images will be watermarked?
The watermark will contain the website name of your choice, just like on the examples.

What if I have more than one website with WHMCS/Blesta, do I have to pay for each?
No, there is a discount. Please contact us with more details.

What if I have purchased WHMCS knowledgebase, can I get one for Blesta for free?
No, you will have to pay for Blesta too.

What about refund?
Refund is not possible. You can check the quality of the articles here. If you don’t like it – don’t buy it.

I won’t buy your articles, I will just copy them from your website!
Good luck with that. It will worth much more in time to add them to your website than buying them 🙂

I want you to create articles for me, can you do that?
Sure, just drop us a message.